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Test SSL Ordering Process

Posted on | September 20, 2010 | Comments Off

Test SSL Ordering Process

This article will inform users of the WHMCS SSL Module how they can test that the SSL ordering process is working correctly without having to actually order a certificate from Comodo. It is really rather straight forward to do, but might not be immediately apparent to a new user.

Why test it?

After a fresh install of a new WHMCS Module it can be comforting to know it works before letting it loose on your clients! At SSL Cheap we fully understand this mentality and as such we have built in a testmode, right into the heart of our WHMCS Module.

Best Environment

Here at SSL Cheap, we prefer to test the WHMCS Module from our developer WHMCS install, and then run tests from our live WHMCS site, once completed the test mode is disabled and the products are displayed to clients.

How to test the Module

The testing process is essentially broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Create the test product and hide it from regular clients
  2. Order the product as the client and simulate payment
  3. Test the product as the client in the client area

Create the test product

Create a new product in WHMCS which will be the SSL certificate you wish to order as a test. In the Details section of this product tick the ‘Hidden’ tick box. In the module settings section, choose the SSL Certificate you want to test the ordering process for, and then enter your comodo details and tick test mode.

Order the product

Now you need to create a test client, or you most likely already have one, afterwards find this client as an admin user, and click ‘login as client‘ (it is important that you do it this way, as only admins can see the hidden products). Whilst logged in as an admin simulating your test client, order your new test certificate, then return to the admin area, find the invoice that is due (ensure your product is in test mode!) and click add payment to simulate a credit card payment.

Check the client area

Now that this is almost complete, find your test client again and click log in as client, then manage products, and click the new SSL Certificate you have just ordered. You can now test that everything in here is functioning correctly (It is still important that your product remains in test mode for the duration of this testing period).


Once you are comfortable that everything is set up and functioning correctly, delete your test order, modify the test product and in the module settings section untick test mode. Then in the Details section you can untick Hidden, so that regular clients can now see this product.

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