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Language Files and Config File Now Supported

Posted on | October 27, 2010 | Comments Off

Buongiorno Language Files!

We were recently contacted and asked if the WHMCS module could be translated into other languages. At the time it could not be, and we all agreed that this would be a great feature to add to the module for international support.

After discussing the best route to take, we decided to implement this in a similar manner to how the WHMCS implement language files, to help ease the use of this feature. You can of course modify the English language file, if our default wording doesn’t quite suit your needs, and you can modify the email templates from inside WHMCS itself.

Language files are stored in MODULE_DIR/Languages/dictionary/<language_name>.txt these contain PHP code that is interpreted by the Language object.

Configuration file

To help with the introduction of the language file, we have also implemented a (currently tiny) config.ini in the root directory of the module, which can be modified to change the language in use by the module, note that a fatal exception will be thrown if you specify a  language that does not exist in the dictionary directory.

You can also specify the log level in here, although I would recommend leaving this on its current setting.

In the future

More features will certainly be added to the configuration file as time goes on, and if you have any suggestion of items you would like to be able to configure, I’d love to hear them!


You are welcome to create your own language file, or different versions for the same language, and we will include them in our distribution, it currently comes with the default english.txt and also an automatically translated Italian dictionary.

If you do have a language file you would like us to include in our distribution, please email the file to us, and after we have confirmed it is correct we will include it in our distribution.


We hope you appreciate and enjoy using these new features as much as we have enjoyed creating and testing them, as always, if you notice any problems, or would like to suggest an alternative way for this system to work, then please let us know by either commenting below, or emailing us.


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