WHMCS Automatic SSL Cert module

We are proud to announce that the WHMCS module we have been working on for the past few months is now finished. This module automates the SSL cert ordering process, completely removing the need for administrative hands on work, for straightforward certificates such as Comodos Positive SSL cert, and drastically reduce the work required in certificates like EV Certs.


This module is packed with features for integrating SSL orders easily into your WHMCS application and making life easier for the administrators, here are a few:

  • Automated, hassle free ordering system with minimal administration.
  • Client can submit a new CSR or address details and re-issue their own cert.
  • Client can update their validation email address and resend their own validation email.
  • Client can resend their current cert to themselves
  • Automatically mail out the cert to the client once signed and validated.
  • Many more automation features to free administrative time.

Further Information

We have taken a few screenshots of the module, these may change in the future, but give you a great idea of how the project works!

Ordering Process

The ordering system couldnt be simpler, the client simply enters their domain name and then pays! Look at the screenshot of the ordering process below:

Product Configuration

The customisation of products is very straight forward, simply select the Comodo Cert this product is mapped to, select the amount of years this cert will be signed for, and enter your Comodo API details, and its done! Take a look at the screenshot for more information:

Client Configuration Area

The client configuration area is where all the functions for the cert are available, resending the signed cert, re-issuing the cert with new details, revalidating a pending cert or modifying the cert details prior to it being signed, check out the screenshot below for all the details!

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The EV SSL Certificate

The EV SSL Certificate is the very latest in internet security. Why not watch the video we have on this product and find out what it can do for your site and business.